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All those passwords and logins

Any time that you save in today’s world is a bonus. Avoiding repetitive/administrative work is a pleasure. Not needing to remember such details is welcome too.Managing information such as logins/passwords is a pain that one would love to reduce.

Technology can help. One is amazed at the multiferous applications now available to improve our productivity and make our lives easier. As discussed in previous posts these include our email client, associated add ins, document management systems, search engines and business intelligence software. Another such application is a password manager. There are quite a few around and some popular ones include KeePass, Roboform, LastPass etc. These are desktop/cloud based, free or commercial and are available across various operating systems – Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

I liked Roboform best in terms of security, ease of use, features and price. The tool helps login  into websites and applications in one click, helps autofill forms based on identities created as well as stores key contacts and notes. Import and export of data is available along with the ability to back up and restore all information in the tool. Great tool to have, so much duplication of effort reduced.

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