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Can we search inside videos?

I had downloaded a few video lectures and was finding it difficult to locate the exact section I wanted, in as less time as possible. Chapter names and fast forward are ok but not good enough for an impatient guy. So, i just googled a bit and realized that I was already lagging behind in appreciating the technology progress made in this direction.The various ways that videos are indexed include the title, chapters as text index, optical character recognition of text used inside videos, transcribing/speech recognition of audio inside videos, “visual” analysis of the video content itself or a combination thereof. Some video search engines I came across included http://www.videosurf.com and http://www.blinkx.com. Another interesting site was http://www.searchinsidevideo.com. By extension the post’s title question would also apply to audio Cds, lectures etc.  Couldn’t find any desktop or web based application or tool that could be relevant to an individual user. Not extensively researched so feel free to share anything on this topic.

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