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The Galactical Scare

How would you feel if you buy a new and much awaited mobile and it doesn’t work as planned? You might be pretty much immobile for a while. Well that’s what happened with me. The new Samsung galaxy SIII that I bought is a great device but had an issue. I have a 3G connection form a reputed telecom company which has decent network coverage in my locality. However, the 3G network would keep going off and would not reconnect automatically when available (assuming the network was indeed problematic). When this happened the phone would also not automatically switch to the 2G network which is supposedly much more stable.

I discovered that the phone connects to the mobile network using three options: (a) GSM only (2G Edge and GPRS networks – the E and G letters on the top right hand corner of the home screen), (b) WCDMA only (3G UMTS and HSPA (HSDPA, HSUPA & HSPA+) networks – the 3G and H+ letters on the top right hand corner of the home screen) and (c) GSM/WCDMA.

Choosing Option (c) allows the phone to automatically switch between the 2G and 3G networks without disruption in service. This is what was not happening on my mobile. I had to return the phone and ask for a replacement. I was advised that the problem could be because of the carrier’s SIM card, weak network etc. but had to push back as these were not really the issues. I even tried a different SIM on the phone and the existing SIM on another 3G phone to ensure that the network and SIM were not really the problem. I finally got a new piece and the problem is no longer there on the new one.

While using the phone for a few days noticed that the back of the phone, the section where the battery is placed gets warm during charging. I then came across an article on the phone blowing up while charging in a car someplace and the fact that HTC One X does not have the “warming” problem. A definite scare! Some googling gave me additional perspective on the non issue: the phone is almost a laptop, does not have a  cooling fan inside, plastic vs metal body etc. As I read and used the phone further, my post purchase dissonance cooled off! So far so good.

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