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Wouldn’t it be great to have a consolidated contact list accessible from your PC and phone and managing which is not a huge task? Yes, ideally it would but practically its not. Assuming that we generate most contacts at work, assuming we use outlook for our emails and contacts and assuming that we have an android phone we can consider the following approaches (notwithstanding that there are a lot of assumptions :-)). Use outlook as the central contact manager. How to generate contacts therein? Three things can help: on a contact  by contact basis something like Contact Copy application from http://www.loquisoft.com, Camcard scanner and Xobni. Camcard scanner is an android phone application that takes a photo of a business card and then transfers the contact information from the card to the desired account, such as outlook or google (though the latter didn’t seem to work for some reason).Xobni automatically indexes outlook email and identifies contact information which can be transferred to outlook (assuming this feature works consistently). The android phones use Microsoft Active Sync to sync outlook contacts to the phone. If there are contacts which are temporary in nature one can use google contacts. These are also synced with the android phone. The android phone also pulls in linked in contact information. One can then combine duplicate or similar contacts across accounts (such as google, outlook and linkedin) within the phone – Duplicate contacts within android in particular seems to be an issue without proper resolution.  Finally, one can also consider a cloud based contact management application such as http://www.plaxo.com to integrate all contacts.

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