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Summarize that!

There is a lot of information to process and given time constraints its not possible to read through everything available, assuming one is not reading for pleasure. There are applications such as Copernic Sumamrizer (https://www.copernic.com/en/products/summarizer/index.html) and Intellexer Summarizer (http://summarizer.intellexer.com/) which summarize web and document text. Copernic works better than Intellexer and is cheaper. However, at the end of the day what everyone takes away from a piece of information could be different and is very contextual, so the software could still miss out what someone else would consider to be included in the summary. And yes, one would still need to read the summary. One could however walk away with some logic of summarizing, if not already familiar – get key names, places, positions, figures, start, body and end from a piece of information etc.The summary length can be varied and is search enabled in the applications. Btw, book summaries are available at http://www.summary.com. Oh, how could I forget, maybe one could also increase his/her reading speed (get some interesting thoughts at http://www.scotthyoung.com).

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