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Why don’t colleagues share information?

  1. I do all the work and you get it for free, do you think I am a fool!
  2. Forget you sharing anything back, no credit or recognition, not even thanks!
  3. If you find it useful, you are likely to put your name on it and make merry!
  4. I’ve got better things to do!
  5. Nobody else does it, its not the norm!
  6. Everyone does so less and I keep doing it all the time!
  7. Doesn’t everyone  get enough already?
  8. Is anybody even going to read it, nobody ever responds!
  9. Stereotyped – Oh, so I’m the guy who does all the “research”, forget what else I do!
  10. God knows how I’ll be judged, why take the risk!
  11. Everyone else already knows about it or even more and I am not the expert anyway!
  12. I will lose my competitive advantage  – I know and you don’t!
  13. Am I seen as showing off, I would like to but it shouldn’t be this obvious!
  14. I can easily get by by sharing some and keeping the rest myself!
  15. Whom should I be sharing this with anyway?
  16. Should I email, blog, present, all?
  17. Will I be expected to share on a consistent basis, more work, nah, not for me!
  18. I do so little “research” let me hold back for the most opportune moment!
  19. Summarize to generate interest & hence prompt reading, again, more work!
  20. For the big meeting or will only share with the highest authority in the land!
  21. I currently don’t have a need to respond or generate, maybe later!
  22. There are easier ways to do it, inspire somebody to do it for you!
  23. Ok, what are your reasons?
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