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Success is how we see it. Either we define it ourselves or let others do it for us. We all love recognition and its important but what’s more important is if we think we’ve succeeded. If we’ve deliberately and consciously improved upon our earlier efforts to deliver something better, it is definitely a success, obviously we shouldn’t stop at that.

Success is relative. Its not comparison with celebrities really but with people in our immediate environment that is the problem. They  seem just like us and yet…..

Success is a moving target. Our needs and goals might change with time as we wisen up to ourselves and the world around us. Job(s), house(s), marriage(s), kid(s), money, status, power, happiness maybe…..

Success depends upon ourselves, time and place. Success can come easily if we are lucky i.e. our time is good but otherwise requires effort. The environment does play a part, we should change it if we can else we can always realign our goals/needs. Success may be temporary if the three factors don’t work well together on an ongoing basis…

Success is sweeter if achieved while overcoming constraints and obstacles? Look at it this way, we might have got lucky but we might need to put in effort to manage Success once achieved. If not, easy come, easy go…..

Success need not be given to us. We might not be able to achieve what we’ve defined as Success given people’s vested interests. We might need to fight for it.

Success comes after failure. If otherwise, we are either lucky or tremendously talented. Don’t give up easily though do consider if you need to change your goals/needs.

Success isn’t about winning at all cost….might get too expensive…

Nothing succeeds like success….make success a succession!

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