Some contradictions at work

April 7, 2013 Leave a comment
  1. I’ve often been advised that perception is all that matters. If that is so, are all people branded successful managing perception rather than results?
  2. Does all the management text really apply in the real world or is it all about power and control and giving people what they want rather than what they need? One might say this will only last in the short term, but then managements change in the short term.
  3. Taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them is fine, but who will ensure that you are not stereotyped as a failure?
  4. Have a vision,inspire and motivate people. But then we live quarter by quarter, the only constant is change isn’t it? Also, if I don’t have the power/authority to give or do anything to/for you why would you be¬†inspired/motivated?
  5. Work smart and not hard. If we all do the smart thing who would do the hard? Is everything so easy irrespective of whether one is smart or not?
  6. Team work is important. So why do we have individual contributor roles?
  7. Don’t compare. Ok, why do companies have a bell curve to rate performance?

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